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BEAR Insurance Broker

Virtual and Online Services

These services are included in our service at no cost to you


Individual and Group Visits

If you prefer a virtual visits, we are happy to accommodate to meet your needs.  Whether you prefer Skype, Google Hangouts or full video conferencing, there are some advantages to virtual online meetings, as opposed to in person or even teleconferencing. Here is my list of six things that I gain from virtual meetings:

1)  No travel time: you can attend from where you are already.

2) No travel costs.

3) It’s easy to share our desktop with folks, for a better understanding.

4) You can see faces, so it makes you feel more connected than by teleconferencing.

5) You can video record a meeting for others to watch if they could not attend.

6) Nobody will catch your cold, and you will catch no-one else's! :-)

Of course, if you turn the video off, or teleconference instead then you can attend a meeting without a video.

Individual and Group Enrollment can be done online

Every business changes over time. They grow, they shrink, and they adjust to industry trends. With these changes, operational tasks like benefits  enrollment, that used to be “minor,” become increasingly time-consuming, erroneous, and frustrating. 

Online enrollment is a technology solution that brings benefits online for an entire business, streamlining and simplifying the benefits election process for business owners, HR administrators, and employees. It’s gaining traction too. 

Nearly 50% of businesses use benefits administration software, and 74% of employees reference their benefits administration portal for choosing insurance options.

Online Group Enrollment Experience

Click on the Video button to see how BEAR Insurance Broker can make enrollment and employee benefits online and simple!